La Renaudine is located in Haute-Saône, Est France next to Switzerland border. Without heavy industry or important cities, This region is simply made to allow you to relax. So let you gain by its own charm!

Thousand things are to be discovered, let's have a look of what makes the region so particuliar!


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Passavant La Rochère
La Renaudine
Luxeil les Bains Ronchamp

Luxeuil les Bains :

This wonderful little city has a great past. It is a watering and Spa place, with hot water springs. This old city was first built by the Romans. Saint Colomban (560 - 615 ac), a very strict catholic monk came here to build an abbey before going to Irland and Scottland. The city holds a lots of middle-age monuments.


Saint Colomban
Luxeuil is also known for its fine embroidery.

Fougerolles :

Located at the border with the Vosges region, Fougerolles is well known for its fine cherry brandy, also known as "Kirsch".

Ronchamp :

Notre Dame du Haut : A very fine piece of architecture, this church was built by Le Corbusier, a famous architecte from the post war periode. It is located on the top of a hill, allowing it to be seen from allover the region!

Lots of museums in this town, like the mine museem, or the slavery museum.

Le Plateau des Milles Etangs :

A Very particular place : between Lure, Luxeuil and Ronchamp over 30 square kilometers, a thousand of natural lacs provide a superb view and very special places.

These lacs formed at the end of the last ice age. When melting, the ice retired and formed these lacs. It modeled a very spacial topography. The ice eroded the very old rocks and sediments. The result is a succession of meadows, forests, moors, little rivers, making from this place the perfect partner for a ramble!

La Rochère :

The glasswork from La Rochère is one of the oldest in France. The first activities began in 1475. Even if a part of the production is now industrial, craftsmen still blow the hot glass with passion, to provide real artworks.

The Saône Valley :

From Passavant La Rochère to Gray, follow the river that gave its name to the region. A very charming river, calm, an providing great views. it is possible to rent ships to have a great sailing experience in the differents canals. The Saône flows into the Rhône in Lyon.